VW Community Project

This is a collection of tableau vivant portraits of Volkswagen enthusiasts. This a project that is about the obsession of spending time, money and most of their energy on old VWs, searching for the Holy Grail of parts; be this a pair of 48 IDAs (carburettors) once owned by the legendary Gene Berg, or the correct OG wiper blades for your bus.

The project is an insider’s view of a community of collectors, who spend years searching for a part for a certain year of car or a piece of automotive-memorabilia. Sometimes the attraction is more deep-rooted; perhaps Herbie was the first film you saw at the cinema, or you remember the hypnotic sound of the engine while sleeping behind the back seat of your Dad’s Beetle, or that you like the simplicity of Volkswagen’s engineering.

The project is proof that we are not anoraks, we are way cooler. This is a documentary of my friends, the people who I help to scoop up off the side of a motorway, kick tyres (talking about cars) with in a garage, scour the Internet or a swap meet for a certain one year only part, the people I go camping with and chew the fat down the pub. The images are evidence of the possessions we have, that mean nothing to anyone but us (the VW Community) and more importantly the evidence of how we live.

Bill, 2015

Paul, 2015

Wayne, 2015

Rick and Pete, 2015

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