The photographs in this series have been shot over the past twelve months and are of clubs and individuals who are active within their chosen sport. The starting point for this project was taken from the enthusiasm surrounding the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics Games and how the uptake of sport by the general public was projected to rise.

Through speaking to clubs and individuals, it soon became clear that Leeds has always been active as a city. Looking beyond traditional sports such as football and rugby this project focuses on Olympic sports and how our pastime is taken up by the drive and focus to be better, to improve our fitness or achieve a certain goal.

Early mornings and hard graft to work as part of a team to get the best out of yourself or the team. Much of the time in sport is in the setup and preparation of equipment and in some cases body fitness. The activity is followed by a breakdown of the equipment and a debrief for the team.

Thanks to the individuals and clubs who without this project would not be possible. Link to participating club: Leeds Rowing Club, South Leeds Archers, Rawdon Golf Club and Leeds Canoe Club. And participating individuals: Abigail Bailey, Jonathan Turner, and Ken Reid and his indoor football team.

Thanks to Curtis Young and Tom Martin for their help in producing this project.

The work is exhibited in the Community Corridor Leeds gallery from the 23rd May 2016 until 31st August 2016.

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